Moments and Statements of Asia Outdoor 2017
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Asia Outdoor Trade Show, the most professional and biggest trade show in the China outdoor industry, concluded successfully its 12th edition in Nanjing China on July 2, setting new trends and new themes. On a fairground of 48,000 square meters in Nanjing International Expo Center, 617 (2016: 705) exhibiting brands presented their products and innovations. During the four-day show, 19373 (2016: 19502) trade visitors from all over the world came for the show.

Statements From Exhibitors and Guests

Messe Friedrichshafen (OutDoor)

Marketing Director - Ludwig Meier


Its a great show, and especially this year we have new innovative products and we see that outdoor is changing; its more coming to the urban, to the cities, and you see also interesting part of camping. So there is new industry field, and I hope it would be a successful way for the future and I can only say it's a perfect show. Everybody has to participate next year.

361°( China ) Co., Ltd. (361°)

Product Director - Shi Weijie


Running Village is very suitable for branding and marketing of professional sports brands. The whole atmosphere is good and the supporting programs like the Ten Running Group Awarding, sharing on running events, and even training about products are very practical to both brands and visitors.

Toread Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (ACUNU, DISCOVERY, TOREAD)

President - Sheng Faqiang


Asia Outdoor has an impressive team and has achieved sound results in China. COA is and will fully support the shows development as always.

Nanjing B.C. Sports Products Co., Ltd. (ALPINA, HALTI, HEAD, LEKI, LOWA, NORTHLAND)

Vice President - Guo Junwen


Asia Outdoor is an important platform that reflects the development of China outdoor industry and also a communication platform for industry insiders. We have witnessed the development of Asia Outdoor and Chinas outdoor industry. We have attended Asia Outdoor for 12 years, and our European brands have yielded good results in the Chinese market.

Goldman Hontion Brands Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (Alpine Pro, DJI, Easoul,悦动体育)

Marketing Director & CEO of Rejoice Sport - Zhang Mingyu


Asia Outdoor is influential to us. First, it is an efficient window because the trade visitors can see our products immediately. Second, we can connect with the fabric suppliers and promote our subject. Third, our image can be exposed to outdoor shops and department stores.

Beijing Ice Storm Trading Co., Ltd. (Black Ice)

General Manager - Jiang Jiantao


The best season for down products sale is winter. The timing of Asia Outdoor in summer is very suitable for promoting, ordering, distributors' visiting and purchasing our down products.

Winzky Trading Limited (CEP, 遂生)

Household Channel Manager - Zhang Qian


Asia Outdoor is a show with good reputation. Here we can find many KOL and professionals in outdoor and sports, and get suggestions on our development.

Zhongshan Ruojuo Garment Co., Ltd. ( ruojuo, DISANDAO)

General Manager - Ren Jitao


We find clients from all over China through Asia Outdoor, providing big opportunity in their areas, meanwhile they give us the feedbacks, and push our brand to a new level every year. Before being exhibitor, we have visited the show many times as buyers. At that time, we noticed that people from all over China were here, so that we chose to attend the show as exhibitor; we believe that we will build up our brand image and sell our products to all over China through Asia Outdoor.

Shenzhen Langheng Electronic Co., Ltd. (Fenix, Ruike, Tasmanian Tiger, Tatonka)

Vice President of R&D center - Zhang Longkai


Asia Outdoor is a professional outdoor show with a long history. There are enough visitors in the show. The facilities and services are also very good. Asia Outdoor has witnessed the growth of our company. The increase in sales has indicated the benefits the show brings to us. In the recent decade, the sales volume of our company has risen from about 40 million to 200 million.

Hangzhou Xin Huo Feng Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. (Fire-Maple)

Marketing Director - Wang Xi


Asia Outdoor is a very professional trade show, which brings direct orders to us. It is also the platform where we can meet friends every year. Asia Outdoor has exerted great influence to us, because at Asia Outdoor many clients feel confident about us by exploring the new collections, style and new team.

Nextorch Industries Co., Ltd. (Glotoob, Nextorch, Nextool, Niteize, Tekut)

Marketing Director - John Huang


There are a lot of excellent peers and dealers at Asia Outdoor. We can communicate with each other about the market situation and predict the future through this platform and supporting programs like the crayfish party, COA Outdoor China Summit, etc. Clubs and club leaders, I think this is the sector the show should pay attention to. Asia Outdoor could gather them and activate the power.

Zhanjiang Maya Travel Gear Co., Ltd. (Kailas, Meindl, Vaude)

General Manager - Zhong Chengzhan


COA Outdoor China Summit is a key platform for outdoor communications. I think it is the most important forum in the outdoor section in China now.

CORA (Keen, Gregory)

President - Zeng Weigang


Asia Outdoor plays an important role in outdoor industry, and is the most significant show in summer. It is a must for our brands to participate as the whole industry is here. I think the show is more practical and focus more on products and trade. It looks like shows in Europe or North America.

Beijing Lehero Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. (Lehero)

CEO - Wang Wanyu


I like Asia Outdoor very much and the innovations the show made on the outdoor travelling theme. New types of visitors are attracted to the show, such as investors from tourism, sports, outdoor and even agriculture. They, as well as the traditional outdoor insiders, can know more about the camping culture we presented and we can gain potential cooperation partners.

Naturehike Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. (Naturehike)

Product Director - Yan Wenjie


Asia Outdoor is a big party, a family, where we meet and make friends. So I think we should attend Asia Outdoor. Compared with last year, our booth is doubled and there are more visitors with purpose. I hope Asia Outdoor could continue. As long as the show continues, we will be always here.

Beijing SCALER Camping & Outdoor Co., Ltd. (Scaler)

General Manager - Zeng Hua


The good attendance of the COA Outdoor China Summit shows the necessity and marketing demands. I'm happy to see that the Summit has gained great recognition from the outdoor industry and been informative for them.

Beijing Jinjiang International Trade Co., Ltd. (snowline)

Marketing Director - Zhao Xin


Asia Outdoor has a long history, covering a full range of visitors and doing well in planning and service. We are here to present our products and express the concept of light-weight self-driving and camping to more people.

Ningbo Snowwolf Outdoor Garment Co., Ltd. (Snowwolf)

President - Cao Yun


Asia Outdoor is influential and it brings us to more dealers. We set up sales relationship with them and communicate with the industry. Asia Outdoor also helps us with ideas and resources. The show has added some programs, such as traveling and camping. We will have more cooperation and promotion with Asia Outdoor after the show.

Suzhou Yingde Garment Co., Ltd. (Tectop)

General Manager - Ling Mingzong


This is the third time that I have attended Asia Outdoor. It is a desirable platform, through which you can get in touch with the clients and market if you have excellent products. We have attracted hundreds of clients, who have set up a lot of stores. The show is of great help.

Shanghai UTO Industry Co., Ltd. ( UTO)

General Manager - Zhang Kai


Asia Outdoor provides an all-around platform for us. This year, we used this platform to make a sharing session on running to make contacts with runners. I think Asia Outdoor 2017 is doing well. We can connect accurate visitors and have received recognition from our distributors. Although the outdoor industry has slowed down its growth, we still have faith in it.

Q-Yield Outdoor Gear Co., Ltd. (Wild Land)

Vice General Manager & Marketing Director - Liao Qingwei


We have reach consensus with our dealers and distributors that we could gather together at Asia Outdoor every year.

Shanghai Wowo Campsite Management Co., Ltd. (Wowocamp)

President - Wang Qi


Attending Asia Outdoor has achieved our expectations. We conducted deep communication with the outdoor companies, and had deep discussion during the 5-hour camping forum, which inspired us a lot. We received suggestions on the coordination of camp, outdoor and education.

Nanjing Yvette Sports Development Co., Ltd. (Yvette)

Brand Director - Frankie Liu


We are attracted by Running Village, because our products center on womens running underwear. We can contact more distributors and users, showing them the demand for women products and the brand future through the show. We feel the show is good, because there are many inquiries and we are happy to know that our products are wildly accepted by the market.

Nanjing Ningfei International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

General Manager - Richard Li


Asia Outdoor is not only a platform for products, but also a community for the whole industry and an opportunity for transferring information and knowledge. The Asia Outdoor 2017 has developed more themes and organized more forums and seminars to encourage visitors to be involved. In the future, Asia Outdoor will still focus on the outdoor sector and explore more potentials in the outdoor-related fields.

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