Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2017 Opened in Nanjing with Diverse Themes
From:Asia Outdoor Pub date:2017-06-29
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Founded in 2006, the Asia Outdoor Trade Show has stepped into its 12th edition in 2017 with continuous efforts and upgrading. The 12th Asia Outdoor Trade Show opened its door to the whole outdoor industry in Nanjing, China, with the full support from the leading Chinese outdoor brands as well as the Chinese Outdoor Association. A total of 617 outdoor brands exhibit their products and innovations at Asia Outdoor 2017 which covers an area of 48,000 square meters. The 3rd COA Outdoor China Summit was well attended and held successfully on June 28, just one day before the show.

“China’s outdoor market has experienced a slowdown in growth in recent years. But the core outdoor market has maintained a stable growth momentum and will enter a rapid development period soon.” Mr. Huang Geng, vice chairman of the China Outdoor Association (COA) said, Mr. Li Hao, project director of the Asia Outdoor Trade Show added, “At the moment, as an indicator of the outdoor industry for the Asian area, the Asia Outdoor Trade Show ought to stand in the breach of observing new trends, making innovations for the show and tapping the potentials to invigorate the industry.”

The Asia Outdoor Trade Show is making great efforts to build an efficient platform for the outdoor industry, and puts forwards the new theme on Outdoor Travelling in Hall 6 this year, under the conditions that the global tourism industry has a strong momentum of development and China develops the tourism industry on a strategic level. The Outdoor Travelling Theme Hall of 12,000 square meters has made an integration of outdoors, traveling, camping, RV self-driving, water sports and outdoor clubs, and an additional 3,000 square meters is especially for the Tent City. A special campsite scene is set up as a model example for the industry. Together with the industry experts on outdoor travelling, Asia Outdoor organizes different forums and meetings to make June 30 an Outdoor and Camping Theme Day, including China Campsite Industry Open Course, Outdoor and Camping Forum, and Business Matchmaking for Outdoor & Camping.

On June 29, Mr. Zhang Jida, secretary general of COA, released the 2016 China Outdoor Market Annual Report at Foyer 5A, elaborating on the whole market size of China’s outdoor industry, retail formats, brand development and market shares. The 3rd COA Outdoor China Summit, themed with innovation and cooperation, was successfully held on June 28 with industry experts sharing their opinions on “the development of Chinese outdoor brands”, “outdoor brands incubating IP & marketing innovation”, “the quality standard of outdoor products & China creation”, “diversified development of outdoor retail” and “localization of international brands”.

As the running industry in China remains hot, the Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2017 continues to launch the Running Village with the gathering of more than 40 running brands and a dozen of sharing sessions of the running industry, exchanging information about the status quo of the running industry in China, the future plans, business prospects of running events, and even training knowledge. In addition, Matchmaking for running events and running groups, morning running on June 30 as a runners' party sponsored by NATHAN are also organized.

As a platform to display excellent outdoor products with innovations and indicate the industry trend, the 8th Asia Outdoor Industry Award offered 27 award-winning products after two-day evaluation by 6 judges, ranging from clothing, footwear, backpacks, mountaineering equipment, running equipment, accessories and tools, camping products, water sports products and so on. The awarding ceremony will be held at Foyer 5A at 13:15, June 29. And the awarded products are displayed in Hall 5.

More interactive and experiential activities include 2017 KAILAS Cup COA Climbing Competition, bouldering and DYNO experiencing, canoeing and slacklining.

In order to further promote the outdoor culture, the Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2017 makes live broadcasts through media platforms.

The Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2017 is open to trade visitors only from June 29 to July 2. For more information, please visit

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