2016 China Outdoor Market Annual Report Launched at Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2017
From:Asia Outdoor Pub date:2017-06-27
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On the first day of the 12th Asia Outdoor Trade Show which takes place from June 29 to July 2 in Nanjing China, the 2016 China Outdoor Market Annual Report was launched by Mr. Zhang Jida, the secretary general of China Outdoor Association (COA for short). Compiled by China Outdoor Association, the investigation report is released annually both at home and abroad.

The Report gives an overview of the development of the 2016 China outdoor market and analyzes the market data. The total outdoor retail turnover in 2016 reached 48.48 billion yuan, of which the core outdoor market accounted for 18.44 billion yuan, an increase of 1.84% over the previous year. We can see that the growth rate continues to slow down but is pretty close to a bottom. This indicates that the outdoor industry will soon go through the adjustment period and enter the next rising period.

The year of 2016 witnessed a slight increase in the number of outdoor brands. There was a total of 872 outdoor brands, including 430 domestic brands and 442 foreign brands. In terms of distribution channels, the online sales continuously squeezed the market shares of street store sales and shopping mall sales. The online sales accounted for 16% of the total market share with street store sales reaching 21% and shopping mall sales 63% respectively.

After years of data accumulation and in-depth industry analysis, the launch and release of the China Outdoor Market Annual Report by COA have gained wide recognition of the industry. Earlier in the middle of June, the English version of the report was released at OutDoor show in Europe which won the high praise of foreign counterparts.

COA will launch the market research and publish the research report annually. And COA hopes to work together with people with visions in the industry so as to promote the sound development of the Chinese outdoor market.

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