Close Look at COA Outdoor China Summit 2017
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The 3rd COA Outdoor China Summit with the theme of Innovation and Cooperation will take place in Nanjing China on June 28, one day prior to the 12th Asia Outdoor Trade Show will be held from June 29 to July 2. Topics will include the development of Chinese outdoor brands, brands IP and marketing innovation, the COA standard system of outdoor product quality, development of outdoor retail, localization of international brands, etc.


Session One: The Development of Chinese Outdoor Brands

It has been over two decades since the outdoor industry in China started and is undergoing the industry adjustment period after the forming stage and rapid development. For insiders in the outdoor industry, issues like how to survive in the intense competitions in China and how to adapt to the surrounding environment should always be considered.


Although we cannot make precise predictions of our tomorrow, we are able to “stand on the shoulder of giants” to create the future. TOREAD—a giant in the Chinese outdoor industry will show you the not-too-distant future in Nanjing this time. Nowadays, TOREAD as a leading brand pays more attention to the future of brand and industry, the tendency of market and products, and the plan of development and management. That may be the future of the whole outdoor industry in China. At the first session of COA Outdoor China Summit 2017, Mr. Sheng Faqiang, the founder and board chairman of TOREAD, will share these experiences and concepts through the third COA Outdoor China Summit in Nanjing with the aim to create a brighter future for Chinese outdoor industry.



Session Two: Outdoor Brands Incubating IP & Marketing Innovation


The outdoor industry is different from other industries as its development relies on the outdoor sports. From the perspective of brands, the popularity degree of outdoor sports is proportional to the development speed of the industry. But from another prospective, it can be known that it will cost a huge number of energy and capital to organize sports events and relevant activities by brands themselves. It may even influence the normal commercial operation of brands to some extent. The contradictions usually make many industry figures feel confused.


To solve this problem, we need to think our way out scientifically and thoroughly from a new perspective and a strategic height. Our aim is to form a virtuous circle among sports events and relevant activities, then regurgitate brands at multiple levels and finally develop a sustainable pattern which is beneficial to both sides. In the Session Two of COA Outdoor China Summit, Mr. Zhong Chenzhan, the founder of KAILAS, Ms. Zeng Hua, the founder of SCALER and Mr. Wang Baoshun, the general manager of Neil Outdoors to share their ideas.



Session Three: The Outlet of Chinese Outdoor Products: The COA Standard System of Outdoor Product Quality & China Creation

Quality is a key factor that every industry focuses on and cannot be ignored during the developing course of the industry, especially in the outdoor industry. Some brands enter the market with cheap but inferior products, bringing a huge negative impact to high-quality brands and even the whole industry. And over time, it will leave a bad impact on consumers and then the industry will lose them. Therefore, it is urgent for the Chinese outdoor industry to use a measurable uniform standard in management. COA has already drafted the COA product quality standard system since 2014, and in 2016 issued the down feather standard system. It plans to issue more standard systems of other outdoor product categories in the future.


In this year’s summit, Mr. Huang Geng, the board chairman of Nanjing B.C. Sports Products Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Kai, the founder of UTO, Mr. Tang Zhongbo, the Business Director in Footwear/Accessories of GORE-TEX(R) Greater China, and Mr. Lv Qiding, the general manager of FIRE-MAPLE, BLACK-DEER and GREEN-HERMIT will begin from the standard system and then illustrate the meaning of quality standard to the industry’s development, the operation mode of standards and its future plan. Besides, they will introduce the approaches for improving brand quality from the angel of operation and further show a grand blueprint of “China Creation 2025” to the whole industry.



Session Four: Diversified Development Direction of Outdoor Retailing

Ma Yun, a big name in the Chinese retailing market, put forward the concept of “New Retail” in 2016. At that moment, many industries started to take this concept as the pattern. So, how to combine the characteristics of Chinese outdoor industry with its status quo under the concept of “New Retail”? Successful retails in the field of outdoor is neither a slogan nor an idea. Instead, it needs the experts who have deep studies in the industry to test it through practice. And after that, they should conclude a specific operation mode about it. Mr. Zhang Heng, the founder and board chairman of Sanfo Outdoor, Mr. Li Zhenglong, the expert consultant in retailing data-driven operation, and Mr. Yang Yihua, the founder of OUTFIT will share their opinions on this topic in the Session Four of COA Outdoor China Summit.



Session Five: Localization of International Brands


The prosperous development of Chinese outdoor markets attracts many international brands’ attention. Some brands choose to find agents to enter the Chinese market while some just choose to enter it directly. But whatever it is, all international brands will be faced a problem about localization during the process of entering the Chinese market. It is particularly obvious among the international brands which select agents. Some of them have made splendid achievements while some are ended in fading away in the market. Therefore, what should those international brands do among the process of localization? Which identity should those agents take during their localized collaboration with the international brands? In the last session of COA Outdoor China Summit, Ms. Kong Weihong, the CEO of UTC will give her explanations.


The 3rd COA Outdoor China will take place on June and the 12th Asia Outdoor Trade Show from June 29 - July 2. For more information, please visit the websites at

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