New Theme: Outdoor Travelling in Asia Outdoor 2017
From:Asia Outdoor Pub date:2017-06-19
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The 12th Asia Outdoor Trade Show will take place in Nanjing China from June 29 to July 2, with the 3rd COA Outdoor China Summit on June 28, just one day prior to the exhibition. One of the biggest highlights of Asia Outdoor 2017 is that the theme of outdoor travelling is put forward and a whole exhibition hall will be used for displaying brands and products about outdoor travelling, such as campsites, camping products, RV & self-driving, outdoor clubs, etc.

First, Asia Outdoor will display a Campsite Scene Showroom in Hall 6 of Nanjing International Expo Center during the show.

Nowadays, there are many campsites in China but the profitable ones are quite few. Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2017 invites camping brands like Lehero, Wowocamp, DeesonRV, Ronover and Seatop to gather the optimal resources from various camping fields. From the dimensions of camping equipment launching, camping activities organizing and the campsite layout, and in pursuit of “perfect campsite”, Asia Outdoor Trade Show and the partners work together to build the Campsite Scene Show Room covering the area of 1000 sqm, to offer a perfect campsite sample to the outdoor enthusiasts and help more “campsites” become real ones.

Second, Asia Outdoor will organize different forums and meetings to make June 30 an Outdoor and Camping Theme Day, including China Campsite Industry Open Course, Outdoor and Camping Forum, and Business Matchmaking for Outdoor & Camping.

The China Campsite Industry Open Course 2017 which will be held on the morning of June 30 in Conference Room 6202 will put forward exclusive topics about camping industry from three angles of campsite + outdoors, campsite + education and campsite + safety, and invite industry experts and scholars to discuss these topics, for example, how to realize campsite development in use of outdoor resources, are there any outdoor training systems at home eligible to be introduced to campsite, what are the potential risks that hinder the operation of outdoor campsite.

The Outdoor and Camping Forum is going to be held in Conference Room 6202 on the afternoon of June 30, on the central issue of “how to make outdoor equipment and outdoor activities feasible in campsites”. We will invite industry elite from campsites, outdoor equipment brands and outdoor activity organizers to conduct business modeling and have an in-depth discussion, with the aim to create a novel as well as efficient issue-exploring form for the industry.

The Business Matchmaking specially for Outdoor & Camping will be arranged in Conference Room 6203 on June 30. Outdoor campsites such as Wowocamp, Travel Live Camp, Donkey Camp will attend the matchmaking to find more partners from brands of RVs, tents, camping equipment, outdoor clubs, self-driving clubs, educational institution for campsite, outdoor sports event companies and OTA traveling platform for win-win cooperation.

Last but not least, the Outdoor Travelling Theme Hall will include more interactive activities  including Tent City, Water Village, Club Home, etc. In Tent City of about 3000 sqm, various kinds of tents will be displayed, such as family tent, tarp, bivouac tent and camping tent. In the Water Village, visitors can know more about the latest trend products, try new watersports equipment and involve in watersports saloon. In the Club Home, a professional communication platform will be built to create more win-win opportunities for brands, distributors and clubs.

Asia Outdoor 2017 is open to trade visitors only from June 29 to July 2. More information is available at the Asia Outdoor website:

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