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From:Asia Outdoor Pub date:2017-02-28
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As the 12th Asia Outdoor Trade Show is approaching which will take place in Nanjing China from June 29 to July 2, the 8th Asia Outdoor Industry Award is now open for application. All outdoor brands, designers and manufacturers are invited to take part, regardless of whether the company or designer has a stand at Asia Outdoor 2017 or not.

The Asia Outdoor Industry Award categories include Golden, Silver, Eco, Best Product for Woman, Running Sport, Innovation for Material, Product for Kids, and Water Products, presented in clothing, shoes, running, backpacks, mountaineering, camping equipment & water sports, and accessories.

Here is the application process: submit the application form first, pay the entry fees before June 9, then deliver the products to the organizer by June 14. The election and voting for the products will be done by June 18, so the winners will be displayed during the show from June 29 to July 2.

The jury panel consists of experts from domestic and international designers, mountaineering guides, media, woman users, professional players and experts on running and water sports. Juries will place a particular focus on such evaluation criteria as the degree of innovation, design concept, workmanship, choice of materials, environmental compatibility and safety. Two-stage evaluation of the entries will be done to finally select the best ones for the award.

Being a highlight of Asia Outdoor Trade Show, Asia Outdoor Industry Award is not only a platform to introduce the innovative and cutting-edge products to the industry, but also provides marketing opportunities for the award winners. All winners will receive their awards in the Award Ceremony which will be held on the afternoon of June 29, the first day of Asia Outdoor, and the awarded products will be exhibited in a golden area on the fairground during the four-day show. Besides, winners will also benefit from different promotion activities of the award, for example, the use of the award logo and flags, report and interviews from the media partners, and so on, which will help with sales.

For more information, please visit the Asia Outdoor website at or contact:

Cecilia T:025-66920656
Steven T:025-86891507

Download:2017 Application form for Asia Outdoor Industry Award

Participation Guide of Asia Outdoor Industry Award

Comments from previous winners:
Lv Xing, BLUEBIRD: We are very grateful to the platform and resources that Asia Outdoor provides. For our small-scale and relatively single brand, Asia Outdoor offers great support and help. We will grow together with the exhibition, try to bring more excellent products and promote them through Asia Outdoor Industry Award.

Peng Hui, Duoji Tibetan Mastiff Shovel: Asia Outdoor Trade Show is very professional in the exhibition service and trade visitor organization. Asia Outdoor Industry Award is an international platform for us to raise the attention around the world.

Mao Huanjun, Sunrei: Every year we attend Asia Outdoor. For one thing, this show helps us with our new product promotion, and winning Asia Outdoor Industry Award is very helpful. For another, this show provides a good opportunity for us to keep contact with our friends and clients.

Zhang Mei, MOONSUNFAVOR: Asia Outdoor Industry Award helps a lot with the promotion and sales of the winning products for sure. Winning this award is a recognition to our efforts in both products and brand.

Lin Jianle, MOUNTAIN YOYO: Both Asia Outdoor Trade Show and Asia Outdoor Industry Award are ideal platforms for us to present our brand and products, of which the Industry Award is particularly important for the products promotion.

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