Think Ahead, Plan Ahead: Asia Outdoor 2017 Sets Out
From:Asia Outdoor Pub date:2016-11-25
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The 12th Asia Outdoor Trade Show will take place in Nanjing China from June 29 to July 2. It has been 11 years since Asia Outdoor Trade Show opened in 2006, which has been the biggest and most professional trade show in the outdoor industry in China, functioning as not only a business platform between brands and distributors, but also a comprehensive platform for learning, experience, and social communications.

Generally, Asia Outdoor covers almost all the products categories of the outdoor market, embracing even more outdoor industry service companies, showing a fantastic epitome of new traits in outdoor industry. Far from these, Asia Outdoor also organizes many fabulous seminars, sharing sessions and popular experiential activities, such as the COA Outdoor China Summit, Running Village, Tent City, Workshops on Clubs and Camping, Water Sports Village, Night Trail Running, as well as Climbing Competition, and so on. By updating the supporting programs every year, Asia Outdoor keeps pace with the times and the industry tendencies. In 2017, besides keeping and improving the highlights like the COA Outdoor China Summit, Running Village, Asia Outdoor Industry Award and so on, Asia Outdoor will explore the outdoor travelling market and reflect it during the show by presentations of the whole chains and discussions at workshops. What will Asia Outdoor 2017 bring for the industry in detail? Here you may find some possibilities:

Think about the tendencies by studying the China Outdoor Market Annual Report, which will be released during Asia Outdoor;

Communicate with more peers by taking part in the Outdoor Theme Salons organized by Asia Outdoor in different cities;

Find the innovations in products and technologies by visiting the brand presentation and promotion;

Know more about new concepts on other rising sections and explore the potentials of being in, for example, the outdoor & travel market;

Attend forums and summits, like the COA Outdoor China Summit, to discuss with the insiders for more brainstorms;

Meet distributors and dealers, listen to their feedbacks, maintain and develop the customer relationships;

Find more business channels;

Meet potential customers of group purchasing, e-commerce, etc.


Asia Outdoor, as the miniature of the outdoor industry in China, provides one-stop service and endless business possibilities. Now as the new year comes close, brands are busy making their plans for the next year, and Asia Outdoor has been on its journey for her 12th anniversary with new ideas. Booth applications have begun for Asia Outdoor that will be held in Nanjing China from June 29 to July 2, 2107. As always, early birds will enjoy special discounts. For more information, please visit the website at:


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