Important Measures on the Third COA Meeting in 2016
From:Asia Outdoor Pub date:2016-11-10
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The third annual COA (China Outdoor Association) in 2016 was held in Weihai, Shandong province from November 4 to 6, hosted by Mr. Sheng Faqiang, president of COA and CEO of TOREAD.

COA is consisted of a group of domestic and international outdoor brands with the hope of developing and building a communication platform for the Chinese outdoor industry. Until now, COA has embraced 18 members with 39 outdoor brands.

In the address of the meeting, Mr. Sheng Faqiang points out that this is the first important meeting after the meeting of taking in the fresh in Nanjing in June, which suggests that COA steps on a new stage. This COA meeting reaffirms that the association will continue to follow the “Three-One Declaration” of which the “Three” represents three platforms including Asia Outdoor Trade Show in Nanjing China, the COA Outdoor China Summit and the COA Outdoor Tournament, the “One” stands for the COA outdoor products quality standard, and will make efforts to unite the industry strength and promote the outdoor industry forward together.

During the meeting, several decisions were made, as follows:

First, the dates of the third COA Outdoor China Summit is confirmed, which will take place in Nanjing China on June 28, 2017, one day prior to the opening of Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2017, when the outdoor leaders will have been getting together for the show in Nanjing thus a perfect time for industry meeting and discussion.

Second, the COA members will carry out the work on the COA outdoor products quality standard for more different categories. The COA standard for down products have been formulated in 2016 and products of the 2016/2017 lines with this COA sign posts have been put into the market. In 2017, the COA standard will focus on the quality and safety of outdoor products and will begin to formulate standards for categories including tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, lighting products, walking sticks, sports underwear and caps.

Third, COA will strengthen the communication with the international outdoor markets in the future, such as the market in Europe, America, Japan and Korea.

COA is a big family in the outdoor industry. Each meeting ends with many new ideas and sparks.Through the meeting in Weihai, members shared their experience, conveyed their new thoughts, and had a lot of discussions on the present conditions and future tendencies of the outdoor market from perspectives like channels, cross-over cooperations, resource sharing, internet thinking, events, native advantages, etc. In the end, all members spoke high of the results of this meeting.

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