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On July 3, the 11th Asia Outdoor Trade Show achieved a big success in Nanjing China in 2016. On a fairground of 48,000 square meters, 705 exhibiting brands presented their products and innovations, showing a remarkable growth from last year (2015: 617), among which 26% are international brands. During the four-day show, 19502 trade visitors from all over the world (2015: 19002) came for the show.


Movie of Asia Outdoor 2016


Statements From Exhibitors and Guests


Sheng, Faqiang, President, Toread Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (ACUNU, DISCOVERY, TOREAD) , “ It is the eighth year for TOREAD to attend Asia Outdoor. With so many years' efforts, Asia Outdoor has been a good platform highly recognized by the outdoor industry and have been improving and better in recent years, thus attracts more brands and industry insiders to the show. Combination of products and activities is a highlight this year. I can see that more events or competitions are introduced to brands. ”


Li, Jun, General manager, Shanghai Setino Sportswear Inc. (ACTIONFOX) , “ We have been here for 5 years, growing up with Asia Outdoor and witnessing it being stronger. Five years ago, the traditional outdoor products mainly focused on hiking and mountaineering, while five years later, the outdoor industry is enriched with more sectors and concepts. Asia Outdoor is becoming better, playing a more important role in the industry. ”


Yu, Mengqi, Marketing manager, Hangzhou Blackdeer Outdoor Co., Ltd. (Blackdeer) , “ The whole industry becomes more detailed and the Asia Outdoor is more diversified. This year, Asia Outdoor set up the Water Sports Village, Running Village, Tent City, and the RV & Self Driving Village. No matter for exhibitors, or for the trade visitors, it is very good experience. ”


Lin, Xiongjian, General manager, Shenzhen Himalaya Trading Co., Ltd. (Black Diamond, GSI, MSR, NATHAN, Zamberlan etc.) , “ Asia Outdoor focuses on outdoor sector, which is in accordance with our concept. Asia Outdoor has provided a good platform for us. From the show, I can see that the industry visitors are taking higher interest in professional outdoor equipment than ever before, and more products related with running appear. During the past decade, not only Asia Outdoor developed fast, but also did the Chinese outdoor market. Asia Outdoor has played a very big role in promoting the outdoor industry and I hope that the fair can do better in the next 10 years or more. ”


Lv, Xing , Marketing director, Unicorn Recreation Products Co., Ltd. (BLUEBIRD) , “ We are very grateful to the platform and resources that Asia Outdoor provides. For our small-scale and relatively single brand, Asia Outdoor offers great support and help. For 11 years, we saw Asia Outdoor growing in size and improving the quality of service. We will grow together with the exhibition. I find that Asia Outdoor also participates in some happy industry meetings often, such as Happy Teahouse, Happy Ski, Lobster Feast, etc. ”


Gao, Yonghong,  General manager, Nanjing Beaume Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. (Beaume) , “ Asia Outdoor is getting bigger and stronger over the years, attracting more and more brands to attend. Asia Outdoor has become a wonderful carnival where exhibitors, visitors and industry insiders meet. ”


Shan, Na,  Brand manager, Adventure Outdoors (COMPRESSPORT, CRAFT) , “ There are always improvements of Asia Outdoor. This year, we choose a booth at the Running Village to target on customers of professional running, cycling and triathlon. ”


Tang, Zhao, General manager, Jianchihu Beijing Outdoor Culture Co., Ltd., “ When it comes to camping, we possibly will think of Asia Outdoor. RV products can be across the field of car to outdoor areas, which will be a new orientation of consumer demand in response to upgrading consumption of people’s traveling. Asia Outdoor invests a lot in this sector and the RV & Self-driving Village at the show is a great highlight this year. ”


Li, Jiongbo, General manager, Dongguan Goodmoooder Garment Co., Ltd. (CARAVA) , “ Asia Outdoor gathers thousands of outdoor insiders together to communicate with each other. With the platform and opportunity Asia Outdoor offers, we can know the changes of outdoor person’s requirements, which can help in developing and designing our products. At the same time, we can show terminal channels and distributors our designs and products. By doing so, not only can we promote our brands, but also we can attract more investments. ”


Huang, Renhua, Sales director, DUO-TE (SHENZHEN) TRADING CO., LTD. (Deuter) Sales Director (Deuter) , “ We have participated in Asia Outdoor for ten years. Our products are always looking for breakthrough, so does the show. Even when the outdoor market is slowing down its growth, we insist to attend the show, find what we want here every year and always meet new customers. We will never give it up. ”


Lian, Jianping,  President, Formosa Outdoor,, “ Asia Outdoor has been the largest outdoor trade show in China, an efficient platform for industry people to exchange ideas, do business and place orders. We have been a loyal exhibitor for nearly ten years to Asia Outdoor, and have met many good friends in the outdoor industry. Many thanks to the Asia Outdoor team to provide the good service for us. ”


Ying, Keping, Brand supervisor, Zhejiang Greanvave Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. (GREEN VOYAGE) , “ From the four-year attendance at Asia Outdoor, I find that the whole brand style of the show are on the rise and become more professional. As a large and professional outdoor trade show, Asia Outdoor helps much in promoting our brand of outdoor channels. I hope that the exhibition will do better year after year. ”


Liu, Qiang, Marketing manager, GARMIN Beijing (GARMIN) , “ GARMIN have witnessed Asia Outdoor for 4 editions. The show becomes more popular and attracts more exhibitors. Besides the traditional outdoor brands, more and more brands focusing on market segments also attend Asia Outdoor 2016. For example, brands and forums in the Running Village are increasing and we pay high attention on this field. ”


Yu, Chenglin, General manager, Guangzhou Hagdon Trade Co., Ltd. (HOTPOTATO) , “ It is the ninth year for Hotpotato to attend Asia Outdoor. As a professional outdoor shoes brand, we can know many new good customers through the fair, which brings great growth to our brand. ”


Qi, Xia, General manager, Beijing Tuhaibairong Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. (lizard, Julbo, Nikwax, Royal Bay) , “ The new domestic brands are really getting better and better from design to products, limiting the gap with foreign brands. Dealers and the audience can see the latest products on the fair which spreads the forefront, top products’ information and trends. This year is particular wonderful. ”


Pang, Tao, CSO, WILD RAMPAGE (LifeStraw, Osprey) , “ We attend the Asia Outdoor for 11 consecutive years. Over ten years ago, we entered the Chinese market. With the support of this exhibition, we could have been recognized firmly by the outdoor industry, consumers and peers by now. Our brand entered into the whole Chinese region very quickly and directly through the exhibition. I can also feel the efforts and organization of the Asia Outdoor team. ”


Cen, Chaofan, CEO, FENIX Light Limited (FENIX, Tasmanian Tiger, Tatonka, Ruike) , “ Fenix has been growing with the Asia Outdoor for 11 years. Our company begins with a single brand of Fenix, and now we have four major brands, Fenix, Tasmanian Tiger, Tatonka and Ruike. During this period of development, Asia Outdoor helps us. As always, we will keep cooperation with the show and hope that we can improve together in the future. ”


Chen, Zhengrong, National sales manager, Luxottica (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (OAKLEY) , “ I think Asia Outdoor does well this year. Both exhibitors and trade visitors such as outdoor shop owners can be our partners. Our booth is a little small this year and next year we will continue to attend the show with a larger booth, of course. ”


Wang, Ximing, Brand manager, Pelliot Beijing Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. (Pelliot) , “ As an influential and important platform in the outdoor industry, Asia Outdoor provides us with a platform to expose and promote our brands. This year is the first time that we attend Asia Outdoor. Over the next 3 to 5 years, Pelliot will continuously participate in this offline show to increase our brand exposure. ”


Yan, Wei, General manager, Beijing Runner Sports Co., Ltd. (URG) , “ This year, the Running Village of Asia Outdoor achieves great improvement in the general brand participation, the overall image and actual effects. More events and activities are involved. We hope that we can promote the running industry through Asia Outdoor, letting more people to participate in it. ”


Ren, Jitao, General manager, Zhongshan RUOJUO Garment Co., Ltd. (Ruojuo) , “ We were trade visitors in the past year, but we are exhibitors of Asia Outdoor this year. We want to build the highest-end ski brand in the Chinese market. Through Asia Outdoor, I hope to promote our products to the whole China, Asia, and even the whole world. ”


Zeng, Hua,  General manager, Scaler Camp&outdoor Products Co., Ltd. (SCALER) , “ COA Outdoor China Summit is a great opportunity for topics and discussions that the industry people are concerned. Through this summit, the relationship among brands, distributors, event's organizers, investors is drawing close in emotions and ideas. ”


Chen, Guangzhou, Marketing manager, Guangzhou Qin Quan Trading Company, “ During these past four years we spent with Asia Outdoor, we have witnessed the increase of the exhibitors and visitors at the show, the improvement of the whole image, and the progress we made along with the exhibition. Asia Outdoor is an important platform for us in the summer where and when we meet old friends, dealer friends and consumers. ”


Peng, Hui, General manager, Chengdu Duoji outdoor supplies Co., Ltd. (Shen Ao) , “ On the Asia Outdoor this year, I find that outdoor brands are doing more specialized in their respective fields. We are loyal exhibitors to Asia Outdoor, which provides us with professional service and introduction of trade visitors. A lot of people are getting to know our brand through Asia Outdoor. It can help us to enter the international market. I hope the show will be even better. ”


Mao, Huanjun, General manager, Ningbo Sunree Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. (SUNREI) , “ The ten years when we promote our brand SUNREI is the decade when we have been attending Asia Outdoor. During the ten years, I saw that a lot of brands in and out of the market, but SUNREI and Asia Outdoor still insisted. Every year, we participate in Asia Outdoor. On the one hand, we can show customers new products through this platform. On the other hand, we also can communicate with old friends, keeping a positive interaction with each other. Now it feels like that the connection between brands, show and customers is closer than before. ”


Lin, Qingyuan, General manager, Shanghai Qiaoyu Camping Products Co., Ltd. (SKYWARDS) , “ In the last 9 years we participated in Asia Outdoor since 2007, we witnessed the improvement of the show. We can see the changes in the presentation style of brands, the expansion of exhibition, and even in the promotion of brands themselves. This year, brands here pay more attention to their own brand culture. I hope the Asia Outdoor can do better and go further, we will always be there. ”


Zhang, Qi,  General manager, Chang Zhou Himalaya Outdoors Co., Ltd. (Himalaya) , “ With the growing scale of the Asia Outdoor, our brand continuously gains popularity throughout the country. Through Asia Outdoor, we meet our customers, show our brand values and grow a lot. This year, Asia Outdoor is more popular, and the industry formats changes, too. As for the tent camping equipments, we can see the changes of market segmentation from the earliest mountain hiking to family products for driving. ”


Zhang, Sheng, Chinese Canoeing Constitution Trade Will, “ Asia Outdoor is as always busy. Every time I come here, I will learn a lot. Asia Outdoor enlightens not only our trade will but also the whole Chinese outdoor industry. ”


Bao, Mingxiao, Director, Sport scientific research center of CISS, “ Our country speed up the development of sports industry and promote national economic transformation in recent years. Fortunately, COA Outdoor China Summit adapts to this whole background. The outdoor sports spread and develop very quickly in China. The Summit is in accordance with a combination of the national policy, industry developing trend and consumer demand. I think this Summit should continue. No matter to guide the trend of the industry or the consumer demand of outdoor sports, this is a very important platform for combining supply and production. With such a valuable platform, we can make our outdoor sports industry bigger and stronger. ”


Zhong, Chengzhan, General manager, Zhan Jiang Maya Travel Gear Co., Ltd. (KAILAS) , “ I like Asia Outdoor very much. Asia Outdoor is not only a platform for products presentation or business communication, but also an interesting annual party. This is also what we expect. As for the development of the outdoor industry in China, I am very optimistic. Chinese consumption level is upgrading, meaning that we will have the opportunity to do higher-end market. As a result, our brand will do better, too. COA represents the strength of Chinese outdoor industry and it is also a direction, playing its role in each dimension. ”

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