Designed in China

Designed in China

Based on the Asia Outdoor Material Village, we select the top one and introduce design studio and manufacturers here to present the advange and succesful cases. The qualified outdoor upstream firms, best material, outstanding design, and refined manufactuing technology will lead to the better outdoor products in China.

Voice of Brands

1. to notice the gap in international and domestic design

2. Inconvienient communication among designer, material, sample and manufacture.

3. The barrier between fashion and outdoor industry; fashion designer are not ware of the requirement of outdoor products.

4. OEM has limited capability in design and innovation.

Voice of ODM/OEM/Material

Looking forward to the intergration of upstreams

Find qualified studio or firms to talk to brands directly

To provide with an overall sollution covering services, such as design, material, sample and production.


Themed Village (introduction of material, studio and manufacturers)

Match-making: between upstreams and brands

Award: we provide long-lasting media exposure and the professional industry platform for creative candidates, and will organize vote from on-site and online visitors to generate feedback from different sides.

Candidates are supposed to supply finished product, design drawing, process drawing, material, etc.

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