Evolution of Asia Outdoor

Nanjing Ningfei International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (NFEXPO for short) is a professional exhibition company operating Asia Outdoor Trade Show and Asia Bike Trade Show now, which are international projects in cooperation between Germany and China.

Asia Outdoor Trade Show, a project co-organzied by Messe Friedrichshafen and NFEXPO,  has been successfully held as an international professional trade show since 2006, and has become an annual carnival for the outdoor industry.

As the first professional outdoor exhibition in Asia, Asia Outdoor has captured worldwide attention. Together with brands and products presentation at the show, a series of supporting programs are organized, such as Fashion Show, Asia Outdoor Industry Award, Industry Forum, Climbing Competitions, etc., and introduces new ones like Running Village and Water Village. In the end of 2013, Asia Outdoor was granted the status of "UFI Approved Event", the first outdoor trade show being approved by UFI in China.

After developing for years, Asia Outdoor gets increasing growth in the exhibition area, exhibitors, trade visitors and media. Asia Outdoor started with a pleasant record in 2006: 174 exhibitors joined the show, 55% were from overseas, with an exhibition area of 20,000 sqm. A total of 6743 trade visitors from 16 nations visited the show,  of whom 13.5% were abroad. Approximately RMB 30 million orders was placed during the trade show.

In the year 2007, 214 exhibitors joined the show, 50% were from overseas, with an exhibition area of 22,000 sqm. A total of 8218 trade visitors from 16 nations visited the show. Overseas visitors’ number was 1012, occupying 12% of the total. 120 Media with 312 journalists visited Asia Outdoor 2007.

Asia Outdoor enjoyed a significant growth in 2008. An increase of 14.35% in the number of trade visitors was reported. The number of exhibitors at the event rose by 13.9% to 245, of which the number of exhibitors from overseas is 42, and the amount of exhibition space increased to 24,000 sqm. A large number of manufacturers relocated their sales talks to the Nanjing exhibition grounds.

Asia Outdoor 2009 reached a record high in terms of scale, the number of exhibitors and trade visitors. This year the exhibition area covered 2,5000sq.m, with hall A, B, C in use; the number of exhibitors reached 288, among which 52 were international from 24 countries. During the four-day trade show, the total number of visitors  reached 14,344, which increased by 52.6% compared with that of last year. And 351 journalists from 129 media reported from the show, 9.7% up than last year.

Larger exhibition space, more brands and visitors, the four-day Asia Outdoor 2010 presented a boost in scale and created a new record. With its exhibition area increasing to over 32,000 sqm. (28% up) and HALL D and E in use, the number of exhibitors reached to 359 (24.6% up), of which there are 102 overseas exhibitors, visitors 16,326 (13.8% up), journalists 355 and media 147 (14% up), 14 TV station included.

Asia Outdoor 2011 moved to Nanjing International Expo Center with an expanded scale. It took up an exhibition area of 42,000sqm, 31% larger than 2010; exhibitors reached as many as 452 in total, a growth of 26% compared with that of 2010 (359); 142 overseas exhibitors attended the show, occupying 31% of the total number; 405 reporters and journalists from 158 newspapers and media participated in the live report of Asia Outdoor 2011; 19,180 trade visitors were attracted to the show in the four days, 17% more than the number in 2010 (16,326).

Asia Outdoor 2012 broke records once again. Altogether 570 exhibitors attended the show on a 48,000sqm fairground (2011: 452 exhibitors, 42,000sqm).  A steady increase  was found in the quantity of trade visitors, growing from 19,180 in 2011 to 20,542 in 2012. 446 reporters and journalists from 160 media reported from the exhibition. Up to now, Asia Outdoor has grown to the third globally biggest trade show in the outdoor industry.

Asia Outdoor 2013 continued to reach new heights in China. With 52,000sqm indoor space, a total of 18,563 outdoor dealers and experts visited Asia Outdoor 2013 to see new arrivals and products from 610 exhibitors from China and around the world. 455 media representatives reported from the show.

The number of exhibitors 2014 was almost identical with the previous year (613 in 2014 as compared with 610 in 2013), of which 195 were international.  The total number of trade visitors from all over the world was 17,298 visitors (2013: 18,563). 455 reporters and journalists reported from the show.

On July 23-26, 2015, Asia Outdoor celebrated her 10th anniversary in Nanjing. On a fairground of 50,000 sqm, 617 exhibitors (2014: 613) presented their outdoor products and innovations, 19,002 trade visitors (2014: 17298) came for the show, and 459 journalists reported from the show.

The 11th Asia Outdoor Trade Show achieved a big success in Nanjing China in 2016. On a fairground of 48,000 square meters, 705 exhibiting brands presented their products and innovations, showing a remarkable growth from last year (2015: 617), among which 26% are international brands. During the four-day show, 19502 trade visitors from all over the world (2015: 19002) came for the show, and 451 media representatives reported from the show.

Asia Outdoor Trade Show, the most professional and biggest trade show in the China outdoor industry, concluded successfully its 12th edition in Nanjing China on July 2,2017,setting new trends and new themes. On a fairground of 48,000 square meters in Nanjing International Expo Center, 617 exhibiting brands presented their products and innovations. During the four-day show, 19373 trade visitors from all over the world came for the show.

The 13th Asia Outdoor will take place from June 28 to July 1, 2018 in Nanjing, China. Look forwards to seeing you then.

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